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Hi - I have a pro plan account renewal date 14 Jan 2019 . I have exceeded the 6hr upload allowance & thought that if I renewed my account today I'd get another 6hrs upload time so I just did that at a cost of £45 . However I am being told that I still have exceeded my 6hr upload so I guess that I should have gone for the pro plus unlimited. So 3 questions :-
1) why was I allowed to renew sub for £45 when I still had 7 months to run ?
2) how can I cancel the incorrect renewal ( £45) & instead go to pro plus unlimited ?
3) If I go to pro plus unlimited do I get partial refund for 7 months unused pro plus sub ?


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Waited 4 days & still no reply from Soundcloud - very disappointing !! I
Really astonished, no reply - why ??
I also have the same issue, my upload time is not resetting.. after each month.. it's frustrating.
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Hi there,

Sorry about the confusion with this. 360 min. of upload time is the total quota for as long as you stay on the SoundCloud Pro subscription. This is not reset each month, and it is not possible to purchase the subscription twice in order to add quota.

If you require more quota, please consider upgrading to Pro Unlimited, which removes the total quota. Alternatively, you could delete some of your old tracks to make space.