Insert VAT code into invoice

  • 1 February 2016
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This is the fourth time I'm writing to SoundCloud support. Two emails and two forum posts. The previous post was merged into another conversation and now I am getting email updates about other users: I don't care about other users' problems!

I'm really frustrated because I have to put my company VAT code into the SoundCloud pro-unlimited invoice in order to register it as a legitimate purchase in my company.

I have also called SoundCloud German number three times, and always the same answer: nobody can answer my call.

I am very, very frustrated, and if I can't get my VAT code into your invoice, I will have to ask for a full refund because it won't be a legitimate purchase in my country (Italy). This problem should affect every company in Europe.

I am waiting for your reply,


5 replies

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out here. Sending the email was the right thing to do - our payments team handles queries such as yours. I can see your email in our inbox and have pinged the team for more info on the matter. Someone will get back to you soon.

Hi, same problem here. I wish to upgrade to Pro Unlimited account but I need an invoice for a company with the Vat Number in order to account it correctly. Can you explain CLEARLY how to handle this? Soundcloud policies are very unclear about it

Same problem here!
AND i also see i cannot even change my invoicing address, as stated in this article

which sounds absolutely incredible and a very basic service you should be offering.......
Hi there,
Can I change my receipt into invoice? I can't find any solution to this problem.
Is there any email to payment team?

I am waiting for your reply,
I pressed charges against you guys for committing fraud. It has come clear now that Soundcloud is money laundering for a very long time.

I need those invoices but the ones you are sending are illegal, on top, you can't even print the damn thing.

No one knows how to print a Soundcloud invoice and the reason for that is because it is not possible.

There is not a single browser in the whole universe capable of doing so. Fucking bastards. I think i called you guys 29292 times, the same thing with writing you mofos an email. You keep answering the same answers you have been answering for 2 years now.

It is NOT possible to print, save or create an invoice. End of story. Fuck SOUNDCLOUD