Monthly to Yearly Billing

  • 4 June 2019
  • 1 reply

I have a Pro Unlimited account and have been billed monthly(£10/month) since March. I want to change payment card and now pay in bulk for a year's subscription (rate of £7.50/month). How can I do this? I can't see an option in my subscription page to change billing options.

1 reply

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In order to change your payment cycle, you currently need to opt out of your current plan, and resubscribe once your running month is over. If your account reverts to a free account between the plan ending and you upgrading again - don't worry. Nothing gets deleted from your account (if tracks become hidden because you've uploaded more than 180 min. of audio, these will be fully reinstated once you've upgraded again).

To learn how to cancel your subscription, please see here. (After you've cancelled, your subscription page will state when your plan ends as opposed to when it renews.)

We hope to improve this process in the future, but I hope it does the trick for you for the time being.