My Soundcloud says Im Following when I'm not.

Hi, My soundcloud page says im Following " 1 " person, but I am not following anyone at all, when I click on the " 1 " it shows me no one, I'd like it to remain on 0 instead as it should be,


How do i fix this?

Thank you.

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Hi there,

Sorry, this is caused by a caching delay on SoundCloud's end. This should be fixed for you within the upcoming 24 hours.

@Mathis My account has been like this for MONTHS , Says i am following 10 People but i am not following no one & says i have 8 tracks when i only have 1
I need mine fixed I don't want to follow anyone
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Hi Alif3 & deadaf,

You should both be all set now. Sorry about the troubles.