Non Profit Subscription Discount

  • 2 April 2018
  • 2 replies

Do you offer a discount to non profit associations for the unlimited subscription plan?

2 replies

Ditto - Do you offer a discount to non-profits? We only use this service for uploading sermons to our website.
I wassupossedd to be paying 4.99 a montha nd they charged me 12 for several months I believe. nomatter I st want wahst fai I have a no porfit wwotknog wwwith people coming out of proison to get jobs training and sel confidencee day by dat buildin charater and respecting a ahrad days work for a hards earned pay. Please jhealp me sign up correctly it says the accoutn can not be astuent discoutn becuse anothe accoutn is verified with the school. How I only have one accoutn to my knowledge, please help with thsi s I cna un frustratemeyse. Thans you ,


my accotn has always been under guidodicvine@hotmail.ccom or please let meknow how many accounts I have what are they ad how cn fix this dbacle I made.Thankks.Much love I juust wan to pay so I can djo Serato'