Paid for subscription still haven't recieved it. Got my receipt for it though.

  • 23 January 2018
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Paid for a Sound Cloud go subscription, got the receipt for it and it still says that I have a free subscription. Been like this for almost a week now. Any help? Also is there any way I can contact somebody to get my time that I'm missing on my subscription?

2 replies

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Hi WishyWoo,

Sorry to hear this has happened to you. I've had a look with someone from our subscriptions team and despite a receipt being sent out, the actual payment seems to have failed. Trying again after making sure you have a valid payment method and sufficient balance should work fine in order to upgrade.

All the best
This doesn't make sense the amount of money required to pay for the subscription was taken out of an apple gift card balance and still hasn't returned. If there was a problem with either of those reasons you gave me money wouldn't be missing out of my balance. Ill contact apple to see what's happening. Btw I didn't receive a receipt from SoundCloud but I did receive two from apple, one for a previous subscription where things went wonky because I got a new card and the current subscription I had paid for so I don't think the payment method nor the balance is a problem. @Mathis