Paypal to Credit Card - there's no option!

  • 16 May 2019
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My account has been through PayPal but I need to switch it to credit card. Trust that I have read through many help links, yet my issue still remains unanswered.

My PayPal was recently charged so I'm Pro until next year, but in order to switch to a credit card I needed to 'cancel' my account. So, I did that.

Instead of having to put a reminder in my calendar for April 2020, I'd like to go ahead NOW and add a method of payment (cc) but there is NO option in my account to do so!

I don't want to have a lapse in account and lose pro status with music posted.

How can I add a credit card NOW so that next year instead of my PayPal getting charged, my credit card will?

Thank you!

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