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  • 23 August 2015
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I would like to be directed to an option for canceling the Soundcloud TRIAL. Only the Pro cancel option is apparently available.

Also this app is not in my apps yet still running - I see download options at youtube - music continues on after I close a game app, etc.

Therefore, not only do I want to be removed from the trial - but I need to also know how to find this app or embedded program on my phone. I still see the download option for some songs on youtube - and I invariably hear music from closed apps continuing to play on my phone with no link to shut them off (if the app isn't completely closed out it keeps playing until I open the app to whatever game I have and go through the process).

I would not have posted here but I am at a loss:

Again, I noted that to cancel - I'm only directed to the page that shows how to quit the "pro" option. I want out of the trial - because I don't want to get stuck with a sudden bill six months in.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

6 replies

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Hi Adam,

instructions to cancel here, If you're within the 30 days money back trial period after your first purchase, a refund will be processed automatically.

Viable advice for someone who has begun paying on the account once the trial period has ended. My explanation and the title of my request is in relation to cancelling the TRIAL...BEFORE I am charged.

Please direct me in this regard, thank you.
9 hours have passed so I'll assume your shift has ended.

Gina - you have to forgive my frustration. With the plethora of internet scams - even dodgy methods for assuring that a person such as myself will get nailed with at least one payment, you can surely see why I am worried that your system is so difficult to exit...

Any chance you are able to direct me to someone who can tell me how to end my trial account?

Again: The link you offered is ONLY for paying customers. I do not want to become a paying customer in order to cancel...seems a bit absurd and I believe you would agree?

Thanks - hopefully you can sense my frustration and this isn't some shady issue.
I will post this again to perhaps gain the interest of another employee - since you have listed yours as answered which as we see, is not accurate.
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Hey Adam,

Sorry, I indeed misunderstood your question because we associate a "trial" with an account that has gone PRO. If you have not gone Pro then you are not on a trial, you simply have a free profile which you can delete anytime here:

Free profiles are never charged but if you'd rather just not have a profile floating out there then the link above is what you are looking for.

Hello Gina , can you put the link to where i can click the pencil icon on subscriptions ? I cant seem to find it to manage my subscriptions i want to delete