Premier Member - Do I need to pay for Pro Unlimited?

  • 12 August 2017
  • 3 replies

Hi there, I've been a Premier member for a while now and still paying for my Pro Unlimited membership. I'm curious if I still need to pay for it? I've been told many different things. I've heard that Premier comes with all benefits and I don't need to pay but SoundCloud also told me personally (on Twitter help) that all I need to do is pay for PRO membership; but then I don't want to lose my spotlight functions and comprehensive stats etc. if I downgrade and they didn't answer those questions.... No one can give me a straight up answer and it makes no sense. Anyone with experience on the matter? Would love some help. As I have progressed with SC I've learned it to be awesome and a great help for building an audience but also learn how unorganized it can be as well. A lot of issues and problems one can have that'll be left unsolved.

quick breakdown --->

- I'm a Premier Member
- Currently paying for Pro Unlimited membership
- Unsure if I'm still required to pay
- Will I lose functions like normal member if I downgrade?
- I want all Pro Unlimited functions but was told I don't need to pay as premier member
- Lost and need assistance lol

3 replies

I have the exact same problem. I signed up in October but continue to be charged. I've also not received ANY payments and its been months and I have thousands of plays on my tracks. I would love a response as well to rectify this as I'm currently very confused about this.
That's very odd. I remember a while back reading on an official SoundCloud website (long since defunct) that Premier was Pro Unlimited but free, invite-only, and with a few extra features. If SoundCloud changed their policy on this without notifying their userbase, I'd say that's bad taste, but I have been reading some similar issues from other users in the Help Community. From what I see, there's a really bad issue with SoundCloud memberships not getting cancelled and that that's what's causing these types of issues. I'd ask one of the SoundCloud personnel, like @Mathis, about this, see what kind of response you get.
Honestly, as cynical this may sound, this all makes sense, but hear me out, as I've suffered this on another site.

I won't say which or what kind of site it was, but back when it was still active, it used to have a plus membership that allowed you all these extra features that a normal membership didn't. The plus membership was on a one-time pay and it was permanent, and I was even promised that I wouldn't be demoted. Ever. Near the end of the site's lifespan, they did the very thing they said they wouldn't do: turn the plus membership to a subscription-based membership. I was livid and I complained to every person I knew, but the responses I've been getting were the same. What they said was, that it made sense to them, because one-time permanent memberships, as ideal as they may be, aren't really sustainable.

So yes, it's no surprise or secret that SoundCloud would change their Premier plan to a Pro Unlimited plan on a dime, whether the SoundCloud team actually need more money or they're just being greedy scumbags (now I agree, I feel the latter is the case as well), but with the way the economy is like nowadays, even companies that aren't all that greedy are forced to use such unethical business models, or they would run out of money very quickly as well.

TL;DR: I wouldn't be surprised if you would still have to pay and that you would lose all the said features if you don't. I know what I said is awfully cynical, and I hate things are like this as well and I agree that something's got to give, but you can't fight city hall.