Premier monetization

  • 16 October 2018
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I recently started paying for SoundCloud Pro in order to be eligible for monetization, and I have received over 5000 streams in the past month. Doesn't that mean I should have gotten an email giving me permission to monetize? I used the contact form last week but never got a response. thanks

4 replies

I'm currently in the same situation. Let me know when you've got new information! I'll post here when I do.
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I have 500k plays.... 10k in the last month. I was told the following:

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at this stage I might quit soundcloud and just keep monetising from landr/spotify etc because it's been 5 fucking years of uploading tracks and building a big following and I get nothing but that ''go away'' email.
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Hi there,

It looks like all three of you have been able to join SoundCloud Premier in the meantime - thanks so much for hanging in there. Glad to see you're onboard now.