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  • 26 March 2019
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I have checked the requirements for SoundCloud Premier, I have achieved all of the requirements and I am still waiting for an email! I have 1000 all human listens this month, bought SoundCloud Pro, and all of the other requirements but no email. If you work at SoundCloud I kindly ask if I could get the email to opt in to SoundCloud Premier.

Thank You,

5 replies

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. The invite to the program is done automatically (meaning an email would be sent out automatically). If the system evaluates your plays eligible, you should soon be eligible to join the program.

You can check eligibility on

In the meantime, I recommend going over the Creator Guide to make sure you've optimized your profile and continue building a fan base.
May I ask how long it usually takes to receive the email?

so I have been eligible for a little while now. no e-mail.
I also know that all my listeners are human. I know a lot of them.

But nothing. Are you guys cheating us for pro membership money?
How are you evaluating if a listen is human?
Why can't us users see if our listens are evaluated as human?
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Hey there,

Thank you for your feedback @MooseMan. If you have read all of the requirements for joining SoundCloud Premier and feel that you meet the criteria, the following could be reasons for your ineligibility:

  • Humans must be listening (no bot streams)
  • Monetizable streams must be longer than 30 seconds but no more than 10 minutes
As mentioned, your account unfortunately doesn’t meet the requirements for eligibility yet – but if/when it does, you’ll be notified either by email or in-product notification. @SupremeTheMeme this should happen as soon as you are eligible according to the system measures.

We will be rolling out the programme to more users and we hope you will be eligible in the very near future.
In the meantime, you can check your eligibility via

Well Humans are listening to my music. I know this for a fact as i know most of them personally.
So my question is. how do you guys determine who is a bot and who is not.
I can of curse understand if you don't want to share this information as it would help bot creators circumvent whatever method you are using.

But at the same time it is problematic that you promise something that you do not deliver.
Especially considering this promise is dependent on the creator (me) paying for a subscription that other than this promise provides nothing in return.

This has a name In my country. False Marketing. Not an accusation as i'm sure the rules on the internet are a bit different.

Next. after going over the requirements i stumbled on this.
Monetizable streams come from at least one of these eligible countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand and any other territories designated by SoundCloud as eligible

This is a bit vague. Does it only refer to podcasts and streams or does it include music. Does it mean I have to live in one of these countries? what are the other countries designated by SoundCloud.

All in all I feel like I'm being cheated here and at the very least I'm gonna have to cancel my pro membership.

Also please stop responding with standardized messages without actually looking in to the matter at hand.