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We renewed our Pro Unlimited subscription on the 7th of May and it was charged on the 8th. Invoice was sent to our e-mail address and and the Pro service worked up until today, when user data and everything else included in the service we paid for suddenly disappeared. Meaning, we´re currently marked as "free users" though the Pro Unlimited service has been paid for. Any explanation for that?

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this morning i checked my stat and i was still pro...this afternoon checked again and my pro subscription is not showing and it has me as a free pro account is valid till july 29..looks like a bug
I came here to ask the same thing. I renewed in February for a full year and I logged in today and am being shown tons of ads to "Go Pro" even though I already have Pro. I can't find answers anywhere but tweeted at Soundcloud support. Glad to know I'm not the only one...
Good to know it seems to be a more common problem. Hopefully they will deal with it as soon as possible. It is good though that you replied to our thread as this shows that it´s a more wide issue and can´t be singled out.
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Same here 😞
I have this issue as well since this afternoon (Amsterdam time zone)
I've also had the same issue since this afternoon. My Pro Unlimited plan is paid up to 1 February 2019 but it says "You currently have no active subscriptions."
same here 😞
the same thing here, I thought something had happened to me but I can see that it is a soundcloud error, if someone knows how to inform.
Same here. I was just coming to find out what is going on.
I posted this question in another string:

"My pro plan renews this November, but when I upload a podcast, it's asking me to buy a pro plan. What's the problem? What's the fix? See the screenshot please."

That string is here
We are experiencing the same issue
We are having the same exact issue as everyone else. We just re-subscribed on the 1st but are being shown under a free account. It'd be great if they had normal customer service contacts.
Same here 😞
I have the same problem here! 😞
well i managed to get my pro status back....go to your history and click an older link for soundcloud,thats seems to have worked for me..problem is if you reload the page it takes you back to the broken as long as you dont reload the page you will be able to operate as a pro long this will last i dont know..its not browser specific..
I have the same problem starting from 2 days ago also - have had no response from my ticket after being a subscriber for years so not impressed at all, also tried using edge and chrome no difference
I had this exact same issue, I filled out a ticket (less than helpful), contacted support (which informed me to simply fill out a ticket)... but still nothing. Until I logged into the soundcloud community to make a post, and I noticed the little star was beside my name when I logged in. Sure enough, I check my account and it's suddenly back? hopefully yours all return soon.

Although under my 'Subscriptions' section, it still says I have no active subscription. Considering I have about 2 months left before it's set to renew, I have no idea what's going on with Soundcloud.

**EDIT** It's definitely not back, it showed the star, but I have no Pro abilities like unlimited uploads, or file replacing or anything.

Back to square one... waiting for a response.
Still the same here as well - no Pro Unlimited functions have been restored and there is no response from SC (we have also tried contacting on every level and multiple times). We also checked SC status blog but there are no updates concerning this issue. Strange, to say the least. If there is a technical issue, that is OK, it will get worked out. Staying without any update while it seems to be an issue that influence a lot of users is not.
I have the same issue. The payment went through okay, I checked that. also looked through the account settings. That's not cool at all!
It´s bar beyond being "not cool". There is not correspondence on behalf of SC and this is a bit hard to comprehend to be honest. An open "we´re working on it" would be sufficient assurance to trust that the issue is being worked on at least.
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That's a bit too much to ask I'm afraid! 😞
Hellloooooo Soundcloud support!
I am working on a remix for a client. I am trying to replace the file, but i can't since your website thinks I am not using the PRO version. It's been like this since last friday. Today is monday. Is there someone please who reads this forum? It would be great if somebody takes the time to reply and explain how to fix this nasty bug.

Thanks in advance.
Thomas - Netherlands
Exact same situation here, paid up pro account but can't schedule a podcast as I'm not down as having an active pro account.
Issue seems to be fixed now.
Lets see if it remains like that during the day
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Hi everyone,

Thank you to all of you for your patience with this & for reporting this issue here on the Community. Our engineers have fixed this issue, so you should see your subscription properly reflected on your account again. They continue to investigate the root cause to make sure the issue won't return.

Apologies about the inconvenience this might have caused.

All the best