Pro subscription but still getting ads?!

  • 24 March 2018
  • 2 replies

I signed up for the pro year subscription with up front payment and I am still getting ads pretty frequently. As I look into it more I am noticing mentions of "SoundCloud Go" when it comes to stopping ads. I hope this does not mean that a "Pro" account continues to get ads and only a "Go" account removes them. Can someone clear this up for me because if that is the case, then that's ridiculous.

2 replies

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Think that's the case. Very bad move from sc. Ive been pro for years and Im seriously thinking of cancelling my account if this doesn't change.

an extra fee for no adds.....pffft
So there is no way to get rid of the ads? That means I must download everything or just go to spotify or something else. I want to be able to blast music in my car now I got one.