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  • 6 April 2017
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Right now I'm paying €9 p/m for a Pro subscription, which basically only provides more 'storage space'. Meanwhile the Unlimited Go subscription is only €1,99 p/m. Fairly big difference in the price tag .. Would I have te same benefits if I choose to cancel my Pro and go for a Go subscription instead?



4 replies

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Hey there,

Valid question 🙂 It’s important to note that the two subscriptions we now offer are completely separate from each other.

The SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited subscriptions are there for users who want to have more upload time on their accounts, as well as other features such as extended stats information, and the ability to replace files on already uploaded tracks.

The SoundCloud Go subscription is for users who want access to our newly expanded catalog—everything from chart-toppers to underground artists— available offline and ad-free.

If you already have a Pro Unlimited subscription, you have the opportunity to purchase SoundCloud Go at a discounted price through our SoundCloud Go page: Learn more details about the SoundCloud Go discount for Pro Unlimited users:

I hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions surrounding this.

Thanks Mathis!

i had the same problem. i see now what's the case and truly find it very greedy and appaling.
also the link you posted doesnt give me any benifit ratewise. where can i see this? (for the netherlands)
Yes, can someone comment why I have to pay for a Go account to have no commercials when I pay even more of my own money to provide the content SoundCloud needs to attract users with my music? Why should I have to pay at all? After using this service for years I'm still baffled by the awful decisions made that isolate the core user base.

So seriously, why do I have to pay even more to give you my content that you can then monetize? There shouldn't be a discount, it should be free especially if you're verified.