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  • 15 February 2019
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I’m from the 2015 your customer my Sc profile is:
I’ve always paid 4 euros at month every month until today for the PRO PLAN.

Unfortunately this month my credit card is expired and SC not have been able to raise the amount of 4 EUROS, so The App convert my plan "free" and temporarily “hides” some of my tracks that exceeded the 3 hours.
How says the last email: "in the meantime, we’ll look after your stuff: no tracks. stats or comments will be deleted, and they’ll be accessible as soon as you upgrade your account again"

Now if i go in my subscription CLEARLY i can’t change my credit card number, because i’m in the free Plan

i would to know if will be possibile agree to the "Pro Plan” SoundCloud Pro (6 hours charg.) at the same price at the same price as always. if yes how i can do it??

because it seems that if i wanted to Join the PRO plan i've to pay or 63 euros (5.25) annual, or 7 euros at month. I think it's unfair.
How i can resolve this problem??

Thank’s in Advance,


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