Save Ferris and Save SoundCloud

The world (and especially me) need SoundCloud!!

I currently pay for my membership that I don't even use (I only listen online) because I love the product and know that I need to support it. Why can't you try more of a Wikipedia based model. To me the product is worth AT LEAST $50 a month. When I'm at work I need it, long live sets are my absolute favorite.

I hope what I am reading about looming financial failure isn't true and don't want the product altered by people that don't understand your market. I love ad free listening and your library of continuous 1hr+ sets is truly amazing.

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I'm wondering why SoundCloud does not offer a "Listen only" subscription for all users who *want* to pay but less than €6 like me. Bandcamp has that free choice thing like "how much is it worth to you?". Would sign on immediately for €3/month
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Please see here for more info:

@rzddr - thanks for your feedback, I'll forward to the relevant product team.