Soundcloud charging me for go but not giving me any features

  • 16 July 2017
  • 4 replies

Soundcloud has charged me for june & july go but i keep getting ads regardless i emailed soundcloud in june w no reply & i tweeted support & they had a generic reply to come here for help how can i get a refund for last month & get it to work this month?

4 replies

This exact same thing happened to me! I have sent multiple messages on the help page and emailed but either no response or an automated message. It's ridiculous!
@Ellamay Binns still happening to me 😞 no response from anyone unable to cancel it still bc it comes up as i have no subscription to cancel! Been charged from june every month thats $60 to soundcloud for absolutely nothing!!!!!!!!!
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Hi there,

@Sailor Chloe - It looks like your last successful renewal was back in May, and you had signed up via Apple.

@Ellamay, yours was in June, also made via Apple.

Purchases made on iOS are processed directly via Apple / iTunes, this issues with the subscription require help from the iTunes support. Please see here for more info:

Thanks & all the best
Finally managed to fix it! Clicked on restore purchases and it came up with a message saying there was a problem enabling new features and content and to restart the app. I deleted and redownloaded SoundCloud and I now have all the features I should have. Strange because I have tried deleting and redownloading before and it didn't work? Anyway I have it back now but still not sure how I'm gonna get back the £26 I am owed. Hope this helps:)