Soundcloud Cleared All Of My Likes

  • 17 August 2019
  • 1 reply

I bought the soundcloud go free trial. And as soon as I go back to my likes, they're all gone. I had hundreds of likes and there was always something for me to listen to. Nostalgic songs, songs I would find and be like "oh, this was a good song." But they're all fucking gone. I cant keep listening to the same 3 songs I found I want my likes back. It was like a whole fucking playlist I could always dig into and find something to listen to. I just want my songs back.

I have some of my likes in certain playlists. When I click them, it shows they're still liked. And when I go back to my likes, all of my liked songs in that playlist are there. Not all of my songs are in playlists so i cant just bring them all back but maybe you soundcloud guys can try and find all the likes on my account and make them appear again. My account may recognize I still have all my likes but just the app doesn't.

1 reply

Nevermind! If this happens to anyone else just reinstall soundcloud or re-login. It worked for me.