Soundcloud doesn't respond to questions on FB/twitter

  • 4 May 2016
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I've asked repeatedly through Soundcloud's official facebook and twitter pages about the reasoning behind Go plans being totally separate from Pro plans, but I never get a response or even acknowledgment. Here is what I posted on the facebook wall yesterday:

"Hi SC, if I already pay for a pro account, why would I be charged even more for a Go account? Creators already pay for pro accounts, you can still charge listeners for Go accounts. Don't forget what makes SC unique, it's the creators. There's tons of other options for streaming."

Not rude or anything at all. Is there a forum to get these kinds of questions answered or get an explanation from SC? I really love this site and have been part of it since near the beginning, but I fear it's going to change into something that it was never meant to be [read: Spotify pt. 2].

1 reply

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Hey there dctc,

Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry you didn't hear back from anyone yet. (Maybe you have on Twitter in the meantime?)

I'll try and explain this in further detail. It’s important to note that the two subscriptions we now offer are completely separate from each other.

The SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited subscriptions are there for users who want to have more upload time on their accounts, as well as other features such as extended stats information, and the ability to replace files on already uploaded tracks.

The SoundCloud Go subscription is for users who want access to our newly expanded catalog—everything from chart-toppers to underground artists— available offline and ad-free.

If you already have a Pro Unlimited subscription, you have the opportunity to purchase SoundCloud Go at a discounted price of $4.99/month (Price limited to purchases via desktop or Android app only) through our SoundCloud Go page: Learn more details about the SoundCloud Go discount for Pro Unlimited users:

I hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions surrounding this.