Soundcloud GO+ censored every song.

  • 11 May 2017
  • 3 replies

Why is every damn song on soundcloud go+ censored? It just cuts the words directly out.
Censorship is not good, I want to hear the explicit content because its how the music was made and its how it should stay.
Censoring songs isn't an "upgrade" or a "benefit"
Honestly, I will unsubscribe from GO+ if I cant find a single song with a curse word in it.

3 replies

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear that. The catalog is provided by the artists & their labels / distributions, so SoundCloud has no direct impact on this, but I'll be sure to pass on your feedback.

Fucking songs now in days are all censored, even the word “Damn” is censored it’s shit bring back the og SC Go+ not this shitty version
I love getting 45 seconds into a song or so to find out it's censored, I'm with OP .