SoundCloud keeps following random people without my input. How do I stop that?

  • 12 August 2015
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This isn't solved.

I just had to unfollow about 5 different people who I never did follow, and I have to do the same every time I look at my soundcloud feed for a few days. It seems to be getting worse.
Another perplexed user over here. Currently travelling Asia and used Soundcloud for the first time in a couple of months.
I deleted about 20 random pages that I was somehow following now.
Pages that share 3+ tracks a day each. Pretty annoying to say the least.

This is definetely not resolved.
After reading these posts and suffering the hacks to the following lists and music that I had no interaction with; I will attempt to contact soundcloud and a request a response or close my pro account. This soundcloud site offers only the bare essential services for new artists, providing to them below average quality of service and abuses its customers with their model for unwanted music with the single purpose of forcing users to be part of the SoundCloud financial targets and committmernts to bigger paying labels. At least YouTube or iTunes have better and clear commitment for their tune play and rules of engagement.
I'm experiencing the same problem. Every time I visit this site, I have to delete a dozen crappy EDM accounts that have been added without my consent.
How is this "Solved"?

Today i found this guy in my stream:

It says I am following him, but i never did...

The only apps under my allowed connections is and soundcloud IOS.

This seems to be a serious breach of security and the offical responses from soundcloud so far, leaves one speechless.

Just imagine your facebook account liking sites without your knowledge, or posting links and stuff...
This *just* happened to me, again: scrolling through my stream I see tracks posted by (480K followers), whom I've never heard of and definitely did not choose to (or agree to) follow. This has happened about half a dozen times to me.

It used to be an odd annoyance... now it's becoming clear that SoundCloud is not only aware of the issue, but may be intentionally enabling it as a "feature." Web services acting *as* their users is appalling, and if this isn't fixed, expect an exodus of users who give a shit about their accounts being hijacked.

Are these paid follows on behalf of non-consenting users? If so, buckle up for some class-action shit.
I came back after a while and I had 3 new followers, I thought my account had been hacked.

I changed my credentials and just unfollowed them. I did check the last one however: A guy in japan with 214k followers and no track, no nothing...
Update: looks like I unwittingly allowed a third-party application ("ToneDen") permission to follow people for me as part of a download. I used to think I was diligent about that sort of thing... check to see if maybe you've accidentally authorized some random company to do things like this on your account:
I'm experiencing the same problem. Every time I visit this site, I have to delete a dozen crappy EDM accounts that have been added without my consent.

I have the same problem. Maybe Google "alternatives to soundcloud" is a solution to this issue?..
This is not a 'bug' and they have no intention of fixing this. I too have found myself following random profiles constantly since I joined, so I messaged a couple of these people asking "have you paid for followers or something? I'm following you and I've never heard of you" and out of the ones that replied, almost all of them say "yes".

So, either these 3rd party websites that offer you followers for money are hacking into our profiles without Soundcloud's permission, or WITH Soundcloud's permission. I've seen this question get asked for years and there's been nothing done about it and all these threads go dead with no ultimate resolutions from admins.

This leads me to believe that, as Soundcloud is struggling financially, that they're being bribed in return for access to accounts to provide these services. I find it hard to believe such an issue can go on without being fixed for so many years without something weird going on. Prove me wrong Soundcloud!
How can it possibly happen that the connected application has access to my account settings??! Any reason?
This doesn't even look like a bug but something designed specifically to sell out users without them knowing..
Years later, I can say I'm also having this same issue.
Also happening here. I keep having to unfollow random accounts that show up. Only apps I have enabled are and soundcloud iOS.

Frustrating violation of user trust.