Soundcloud Premier Monetization

  • 13 May 2019
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Hey um, recently i had opened up Soundcloud on my phone & a prompt popped up in-app saying "Congratulations, you are now eligible for Soundcloud Premier Monetization" etc.. Which persuaded me to buy Soundcloud Pro.. The first time i had opened the website on my laptop it said "You are minutes away from monetizing your first track" i clicked it, it took me to the payment plan, i backed out bc i didnt have the funds at the time.. I ended up buying it friday.. I tried to hop on my laptop to monetize a few tracks & it said that i wasnt eligible, when i had 5,000 plays the previous month, im currently sitting at 10,315 plays, im on a Go+ Subscription, & i bought the normal $6\month Pro plan, im confused & need guidance, thank you for your time.

0 replies

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