SoundCloud Quality - Communication - Subscription and Service Decayed Beyond Belief!

  • 21 December 2016
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I currently have 68 tunes on SC and have been a member for a very long time.. There was a time when it was a blast and I've met some great players and songwriters out of this site... Unfortunately something very bad must have occured and absolutely everything has gone quickly down hill to put it politely! My page looks wrong and I can neither fix it or change it! I'm being charged every month in the amound of $7.00 and when I try to cancel the SC page coding takes me on a merry little circular logical ride leaving me more pissed off than all the problems combined that caused me to wish to cancel in the first place! Finally...
are you ready for this one??? On my so called "Subscrition Page," it says "FREE!" Just when I'm mumbling to myself about what else could possibly go wrong on a site I once enjoyed, I finally get a message to the alleged "support" and what comes back...?
A generic directive including a link to the "support" pages that already don't work which is exactly why I sent THEM said message in the first place... AGAIN! WTF! Guess it's time to call the bank for a stop notice... Hey SC! That's a hell of a way to run a business! You suck!

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Hi there Morganeyes,

I've looked into this account to see if there's anything I can do from my end to help quickly. This account is indeed currently a free account, and the last payment was in December 2016. Thus, if you're still being charged, emailing our Payments team, as Chris has already suggested, is indeed the best way to handle this. I have now set up an interim solution (valid for 5 days) as a one time exception so all of your tracks are showing properly.

Make sure to say hi to the Payment team from me when you write to them ;-)

E-mail transactions[at]soundcloud[dot]com