Soundcloud Xbox App

  • 15 June 2019
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For the past couple of days my app hasn’t been showing up in the home menu that pops up when you press the center xbox button on the controller. Soundcloud is my main source of music on my xbox, since all other sound from games are complete sheit. The last time before this incident I was using my 5.1 speaker system, which requires a much higher volume setting than headphones, and since there’s no app in the menu, I can no longer change the volume. It is much too loud for my headphones that I use at night and I can’t change it, since there is no section to adjust this in. I don’t know if this is on your end, but please work on fixing this. Games just aren’t as fun for me without the music I rely on from your platform, especially at night. Much love to the tunes and hopefully a speedy fix to this. Thank you.

0 replies

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