Student Discount?

  • 14 April 2017
  • 4 replies

Is their a student discount option for soundcloud go? We need one. This is ridiculous. Please make one Berlin, Germany! We need you!

4 replies

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Hi there,

Sorry, but we're currently not offering a student discount. Never hurts to ask.

Best of luck for your studies.


I'd just like to throw in some support and hope that eventually soundcloud offers a student discount for SoundCloud go. The only thing currently preventing me from upgrading to pro is the price, if students could have a discount I would most likely upgrade.

PLEASE consider a student discount. I only find the music I like on SoundCloud and those $5 extra cost me a week's worth of ramen noodles. That is a lot of noodles. Or 50 pages worth of printing at school. Or 2 pounds of coffee. Or a school year's worth of bus passes. Or 5 bike rides in the school's bike share program. Any given month. A year that is $60 I could use to buy a nutrition book for class, or two laboratory notebooks. I can give more examples. In fact I am convincing myself to cancel my SoundCloud Go just by giving you these examples. Except I refuse to because it's the only place I find the music I actually want to take offline. Spotify doesn't have the awesome mash-up songs that SoundCloud does.
Yeah it hurts because I would really like to support a German company while studying.