'Submit a Request' Button ?

I received the below email, and have yet to find a post about, or see the 'Submit a Request' button.

I need to reverse an auto-renewal that should not have taken place just last night (7pm EST)!


Email reply I'd gotten below
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Thanks for writing to us. We're no longer monitoring this email address, please read on to understand how you can get the help you need.

We've recently improved the way we're supporting the SoundCloud Community. In order to best serve you, we're asking that customers visit our Help Center and Help Community to research their issues, and then get in touch via our "Submit a Request" button at the top of all of our Help Center pages if assistance is still needed. We have switched to using webforms as opposed to direct emails so that we'll be able to gather information specific to your issue from the very beginning, thus being able to resolve your inquiry more quickly and efficiently.

Please visit these resources to see if they can solve your issue outright, and send in a ticket via the Submit a Request button at the top of the Help Center if you still need to speak to a human.

Thank you very much, we appreciate you being SoundCloud Community member!

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Did you ever find the "submit a request" link? I am in the same situation.
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the request button can be found on our Help Center. However, I was able to coordinate your query w/ our subscription team and a refund is on the way, but can take your bank up to 5 business days to process.