• 30 June 2019
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I am currently paying for SoundCloud Go+ and I heard that you can get a sort of deal if you are a student, which I am. I am just wondering if there is a way to implement that so I can pay less but also keep all my playlists, songs, likes— basically, just keep the same account with a price difference. I don’t know if this discount has criteria that has to be met, like, does the student discount only work with SoundCloud Plus? If so, what is the difference between Plus and Go+?

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Hi Kyra,

More info about student discounts can be found here: You wouldn't loose any of your likes, playlists, etc. - though you might have to re-download content that you had previously synced on your phone for offline listening.

What you would do if you're eligible for the discount is cancel your current subscription that you made through Apple / iTunes, wait for it to run out, then re-subscribe, this time with the discount though.

All the best