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  • 19 January 2018
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I emailed this over a week ago, but no response. Could someone please email me at so I can get someone to send me an invoice? If you do not provide this service, could you respond here so we can look for another provider? Thanks.

Hello, My academic institution is interested in purchasing an annual subscription with SoundCloud, to host audio content that we generate. However, before we proceed, we need someone from SoundCloud to send us an invoice, which we can attach to our purchase. Could you give me the contact information of someone at SoundCloud that can help with that? Alternatively, could you have that person contact me in the next few days? Many thanks for your help.

3 replies

Is anyone from SoundCloud reading these posts? To clarify, our university wants to purchase a subscription with SoundCloud AND GIVE YOU MONEY. I have tried emailing, but have received no response. If you want our business, could someone from your company please respond to this message?
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Hi there,

Apologies, it is not possible to issue an invoice prior to purchasing. If you've reached out to our subscriptions team via our contact form on the help center, someone should get back to you soon.
Not a problem. We will go with a company that issues invoices and takes less than a month to respond to customer questions. Shouldn't be too hard to find.