Subscription to Go+ went from 1,99 to 4,99 €

  • 12 February 2019
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I have the soundcloud pro account and the Go+.

Used to pay 9 euros the pro account and 1,99 the Go+.

Now Go+ is 4,99 €. Which makes it 13,99 euros per month.

You're growing your rates with no communication to your customers , Soundcloud ?

Very disappointing

1 reply

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Hey Max,

Thanks for getting in touch. I've just checked in with our subscriptions team to gather more info around this for you. It looks like your initial subscription at 1,99 had ended and you re-subscribed. We cannot carry over any discounts or previous pricing when making a new purchase (ie. while changing payment details or simply if your previous subscription was canceled, refunded or failed to renew for any given reason). If you were shown a different price at an earlier stage, the correct price (without the discount attached to renewing your subscription) was shown to you at the checkout screen.

Hope this helps clarify.