Total of 6 hours of upload time

  • 13 April 2017
  • 4 replies

Are the 6 hours of upload time per month?

4 replies

I believe this is total overall for your account.
6 hours for the total life or your account? Really?
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Hi there,

6 hours are your upload quota for as long as you remain on the Pro plan subscription. If you downgrade, it'll go back to 3 hours (and if you've uploaded more than 3 hours, some of your tracks would become hidden, but can be fully reinstated when you re-upgrade), if you upgrade to Pro Unlimited, there won't be any upload limit (for as long as you stay on the Pro Unlimited subscription).

Can someone clarify if it's 6hrs per month, per year or forever. Seems like a carnival scam to make it forever, so I can't imagine that's the case.