Tracks still hidden despite upgrading again

  • 26 September 2018
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I am a soundcloud user for years.
Forget to renew my subscription and got a bunch track deleted with more than a million views..
Could you please put back those track as before?
Just renewed the subscription
Many thanks,


4 replies

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Hey hey,

It looks like all of your tracks are showing again. This is an automatic process when you upgrade again. The tracks aren't deleted, just hidden from your public profile. As far as I can see, you're all set 🙂
I'm having the same problem. I stopped my pro subscription a while ago and the tracks that got hidden still do not appear after I just upgraded to pro. Please help
Mathis... Please help!!

Writing here in hopes that u will see it and respond!!!!...very difficult to message SC directly!... Here's my original message...

Dalian Morjestein
Nov 20, 17:13 CET
I have had a spot on your site for a long time... Awhile Feb I believe subscription ran said in the email all my music is still there but I'd have to go to pro to see it all... Well... How long does that music stay there??? Until you go to pro???? I went to pro and I noticed before I did it my tracks we're at 74... When I renewed my subscription it still said 74.. did I get all my music back??????
Please help! ...also...I tried it I may have paid twice...can u fix that for me please???? I only want one subscription...I believe $16 a month taken out of my account...
Please let me know whats what... And if I got all my songs back??????
Thank u
My site is under darkshredcerto
Please email me directly if u need anything else at: