Trying to Reactivate my Pro Subscription; Do you guys want my money or not?

  • 19 January 2018
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So, I have been trying to pay to reactivate my Pro Subscription for an hour or so. It won't complete. It just sits there with the wheel icon spinning and never completes. I have done a lot of other things/shopping tonight and everything works just fine. Also, it's ridiculously annoying that the only ways to get "Support" are Twitter and this 'Help Community'. If people are driven to pay you for a service, you really ought to do better than that. And if you're not making enough money to provide that service, you REALLY ought to get some smart people with solid ideas how to generate capital for your business.

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3 replies

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It looks like this issue has been resolved. Closing the topic accordingly.

If you're experiencing issues with your personal subscription, it will be most efficient to reach out to our subscriptions team directly for an in depth investigation. You can do so here.

change your main email adress ton another one on your account disconect then try again it will work
did you fix it ? i have the same problem