Unable to cancel or unsubscribe from Soundcloud Go+!!!

  • 25 March 2017
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My subscriptions page provides no option to cancel a paid plan. Please see screenshots.

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3 replies

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Please see here to learn how to cancel your subscription. Please note that this is currently not support on mobile devices, only on a computer web browser.

I've exactly the same problem with soundcloud on my android device, I signed up to the day and attempted to cancel before the trial elapsed, but it did not work. Now I see my credit card history shows that soundcloud has deducted 9.99 from my bank account.

When I open the app on my pc as advised by Mathis above, I can my username, and I'm clearly in an account of my name, but it says I have no active subscriptions, no purchase history etc, and there is no option to cancel.

When signing up for the 30day trial period, I did not see any warning about being locked in to any kind of long-term plan that cannot be cancelled. Does anyone know is there some kind of hidden catch that has me locked into paying for something I really don't want or need, and tried to cancel well within the time frame for cancelling?
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If this continues to be an issue, please be sure to reach out to our subscriptions team directly.