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  • 26 May 2017
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So I recently recieved a replacement phone and I wanted to restore all of my settings on my account (such as music and playlists) and for some reason its not letting me. I'm one hundred percent sure that I still have my subscription and I dont want that to go to waste. I am infuriated by all of this nonsense and all I want is my account back. I usually sign in through facebook and whenever I try that it says link not supported. Will someone please help me.

4 replies

mines is doing the same. idk whats going on.
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Hi everyone,

@Ethan - hmm, it looks like you purchased the subscription via Apple / iTunes, but the renewal could not be processed. There more info about Apple, their support etc. here on our Help Center: https://help.soundcloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003562628-Canceling-SoundCloud-Go-through-Apple-iOS-

If you want to get back on the subscription, you can also do this directly on the SoundCloud website. The price might actually be slightly lower, given no additional App Store fee is added.

@DjGstar - you're on a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited plan, however were never on our SoundCloud Go or Go+ subscription. See here for a comparison of each subscription's features:
compared to

@prunella - same, you're on the SoundCloud Pro Unlimited plan.

Hope this helps.

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P.S.: If you cannot sign in on your phones, please try deleting the app, restart your phone, then download again for a fresh start.