Unable to upgrade to unlimited PRO yearly.

I have tried numerous credit cards with the same result filled out a customer service ticket already as well. I am not able to renew my subscription I keep receiving this error and wish to renew asap to retreat my music.

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Soundcloud basically has 0 customer service. Put in a ticket, signed up on twitter they respond with the same generic response to everyone fill out another ticket and still no email response. All these loops to allow me to upgrade c’mon soundcloud this is a fast easy fix.
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Hi there CES3,

Sorry to hear that you're having issues to upgrade. I've made sure all of your tracks are showing for the moment being, but it looks like this issue is something that our subscription team needs to look into in order to help.

I saw there's a ticket on the system from you, so someone from the team should get back to you via email shortly.

Thanks for hanging in there
I see thanks for the help Mathis. I’ll be waiting hope this gets resolved soon.
@Mathis I am still having the same problem I am unable to upgrade encounter the same error.