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  • 15 June 2019
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i got an email of deduction by 135$ and i was surprised of that because i wasn't upload any audio to sound cloud from more than two years so please i request to cancel my renew of pro unlimited account and refund my money back because i'm really upset of the charge that will not get any benefit of it

ali alhashemi
owner of alzalzalah mosque account

1 reply

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you can not upload to SoundCloud - given you have unlimited upload quota, this would merely be due to a technical issue. If you'd like to troubleshoot this, I'd recommend to make sure you export into a compatible audio format, for instance mp3 or wav, clear your browser cache & cookies, and make sure you have no browser extensions such as Adblock or HTTPS everywhere that might cause for the upload to fall through.

When you upload, fill in the bare minimum of info - you can update your track artwork, description etc. later.

Hope this helps to narrow down the root cause.

If you'd rather prefer to downgrade your account and receive a refund, please reach out to our subscriptions team here, as they will be able to help with this most efficiently. If you receive an automated message initially and have more questions, you can reply to that email.

All the best