Unwanted Soundcloud Pro Subscription Auto Renewal Without Notice

  • 9 June 2019
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I received an email today saying my SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription had automatically renewed.

Not only have I not received any notice that my account subscription was due for renewal, I also received an invoice as part of the email, meaning that payment has already been taken!

In previous years, I have received notification a few days prior to when the renewal was due. Despite enjoying this service in the past, I no longer use it and have not done for a long time. Therefore, if presented with the knowledge that my renewal was due (which is promised on the SoundCloud help pages) on this occasion, I would have opted out of my subscription.

In short, I do not wish to maintain a SoundCloud pro subscription and would like a refund as I was not given the option to cancel my subscription. I am a full time student and I cannot afford £75 for a subscription as it is, never mind one that I no longer use!

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!



1 reply

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Hi Ben,

Sorry to hear that - I've been able to double check on this one with the subscriptions team and we were able to issue a refund for this - please allow up to 5 business days for your bank to fully process this. Also, please note that some of your tracks are now hidden, given you've uploaded more than 180 min. of content. If you want to reinstate these tracks at a later stage, you can, simply by upgrading to Pro Unlimited again.

@everyone else: If you come across a similar issue, please do reach out directly to the team, as we cannot guarantee to catch all of the queries of this nature here on the Help Community.