Upgrade to (monthly) Pro Unlimited plan with Paypal balance.

  • 21 November 2017
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Hi there,

I have problems with the upgrading of my free plan to a Pro Unlimited plan using Paypal.
I have enought money on my Paypal account, but when i want to upgrade and select Paypal as payment method, this screen appears

Months before i followed the same steps and then it worked, but now it's asking for my CC.
I called Paypal and they said that there are no problems on their side.
Does someone knows a solution for this problem ?


3 replies

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Hi there Isaac,

Sorry to hear you ran into this issue. It looks like PayPal is asking you to add a credit card to your PayPal account, which - as far as I know - is sometimes a security measure from their end. I'd recommend to reach out to PayPal to see if they can help with this.

Hi Mathis,

Thnx for the reply.
I already had contact with Paypal and they sais the payment is approoved on their side But blocked by Soundcloud.. so now I still don't know How to solve the problem??
Same problem. It has nothing to do with a security measure.
Paid like 9 euro's all the time, now they switched to 11 euro's and now i only can pay with a CC.
Not very customer friendly for EU citizens