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  • 12 June 2019
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Our church would like to use SoundCloud to upload sermons to our church website. Do we have to pay for the subscription to be able to upload files? And is the upload allowance allowed per month or total space? We would be uploading larger audio files (30-40 minutes of audio) and would like to have several weeks worth of audio content on our website.

2 replies

It doesn't cost anything to start uploading recorded sermons up to about 2 hours of time. At that time you'll need to get the first level subscription or just do pro Go+ for the most upload time available.
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The feature set of each subscription type is outlined here: The total upload quota counts per subscription, meaning as long as you have a Pro subscription, you have 360 min in total to upload tracks. This does not increase or decrease at any point, unless you chance your subscription - Pro Unlimited has no total limit, free accounts provide 180 min of total upload quota. The quota can be spread out to as many individual files as you want - as long as they don't exceed the total quota mark when you add them up.

Hope this clarifies.