Why am i not seeing a monetized tab?

  • 18 February 2018
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Not sure where this topic would go but i hope someone could help me.

I have been using Soundcloud 5-6+ years. And am a Soundcloud Pro subscriber. I upload music daily and have a pretty decent following and base of artists. I have connected with publishers and obtained ISRC numbers and filled out all metadata properly but still no response from Soundcloud or Monetized tab. I am getting frustrated because i've been trying to do this for this for at-least 6 months with no luck so far. I'm hoping it's some silly issue on my end , but after reading into the issue i am quite sure i filled out everything properly. I'm hoping someone can assist me.

16 replies

So no one can help? Wow, bump again.
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Hi there Mafia Beatz,

Monetizing tracks is currently part of our Partner program. Maybe see if your label or distributor is connected with the program. If you're 100% independent, there are ways to onboard via services such as RouteNote or BeatStars. Please make 100% sure you understand the terms & conditions if you decide to sign up with any of these distributors. We're hoping to extend the partner program in the future, however at this point, I don't have any further information to share around it.

I am registered through beat stars right now and i updated the info
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Did you ever figure it out?
I also have been looking for monetising opportunities. I've been in the music business for 35 years, recorded in Nashville studios and backed up some really great artists. I worked on an album "Mission Marsward" for one year that is on CD baby, but decided to post it on Soundcloud for more immediate play. I pay for a pro subscription each month, and one track, Free Flight has been picked up through reposts and has had about a 1000 plays. Modest, for sure, but still something. So my subscription and postings add value to the Soundcloud system, generating more subscriptions, while there is no opportunity for me even to recoup $10. I hope this can be figured out soon - there will be no more musicians in the future if they can't be paid something for the use of their work.
I just recieved a 'congratulations' offer for my other alias (free account) to upgrade to a pro account with the monetising. My main account that has been a paid pro account for almost 10 years still hasn't been offered this option. Is there anyway to transfer this privilage across to my pro account?

Has anybody had any recent luck? I am getting close to dropping Soundcloud. I realize I am not the biggest artist in the world but I've had 17k plays since November. Still nothing. I check to see if I qualify and nope still not eligible. All metadata is filled in. ISRC filled in. Should be good to go.
I have been a SoundCloud member since 2014 and generated over 48,000 plays with my music and my music alone. Like another person said in this article not the most astounding number of plays, but still I feel like I should be compensated even a minuscule amount for the loyalty and generated plays I've accrued. I have yet to be "accepted" into this exclusive and elusive monetization club.
Yep same story.
when monetization for soundcloud came out I got pro subscription and had it and have had it for a few months, then one of my parody songs got falsely claimed and it went away with no reason or notice, i still pay for pro and the previous options i had are just gone now, so maybe your case is similar?

I love how there's no answer for such a simple question...