Why do ads persist after paid upgrade

  • 18 February 2016
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After upgrading to pro, I still get audio ads.
I've seen this question asked several times and there's usually a link to this help center article
this article does not exist.

After hearing recently that soundcloud had lost $44 million in 2015
I was inspired to upgrade to pro, because I greatly enjoy the service and I thought
'hey at least there won't be any ads after upgrading'
Either there is a glitch that causes ads to still play
Or sadly i was mistaken about the advantages of upgrading

In short; please tell me how to remove ads or how to get a refund.
Preferably the former.
I really do like soundcloud a lot
but ads on the paid service is a slap in the face
to the people who believe in this site enough to buy in.

2 replies

I couldn't agree more, and have also complained about this to no avail. In fact, my experience is that Soundcloud treats paid users with utter indifference. If they're trying to figure out a model for going out of business, pissing off your most devoted users works.
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Hi there,

If this was your first upgrade to one of our Pro plan subscriptions you can still cancel and get your money back.

Other than that, though, here's an explanation for why you're still hearing ads: Some community members can now choose to monetize their tracks and share in revenue. These artists are part of the Premier level in our new partner program for creators, On SoundCloud. The Premier level is currently invite only. Our first wave of Premier Partners represent a broad range of creators on the platform: independent artists, major artists, comedians, podcasters. These partners were selected based on their good standing within the SoundCloud community, their proven ability to build an engaged audience, and their growth over time.

SoundCloud is committed to supporting musicians & audio creators and their creativity for the long term. Every time you see or hear an ad, artists get paid. Occasional ads allow us to continue to support artists and keep SoundCloud free for listeners.


P.S.: Oh, lastly, this. 🙂