Why don't you set up a donation link?

  • 23 February 2017
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I don't consider myself a super user enough to warrant a subscription but I would be happy to donate a few bucks now and then, as would many others I presume. qp

6 replies

I really need to be able to embed a donate button on my storytelling podcast! The buy link work around does not work great as it does not show up as an option on the SoundCloud app or on any other app where the podcast is available through the RSS feed. I really don't want to have to switch platforms but this is pretty disappointing.
@Mathis Any news on this? Though I use soundcloud often, I don't like subscriptions. A donate button gives me the freedom to decide to whom and when I want to give money.
please create the button, what are you waitng for??
legal concerns? -- so first should someone claim against it

I hear thesoundcloud 3-5 times some hours a year, so I would like to donate thesoundcloud generally, not any particular artist, and also not to subscribe -- but I would make me happy to support the chanel.
Have many joyfull days 🙂
This is a good idea, sort of like donating to Wikipedia.
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Hi quiet painter,

Thanks for your suggestion. I initially thought you were referring to an option to have a donation link on your tracks if you're a creator. This can be accomplished via a workaround through the "buy" button (and you can change the text on the button if you're on a Pro or Pro Unlimited subscription to make sure it says Donate).

I will forward your suggestion to the relevant team.

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