Why is it that I have paid £10.00 for fans on the 22/12/2018 and stiil no fans and no one answers my email?

  • 2 January 2019
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This is three time I've email a bout the same thing. I never thought that a Big company like Sound cloud would take money of people trying to chase there dreams and not deliver what they promised, Its a Big shame when it comes down to this. I just hope you come up with sometime to make up for before it goes public.

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4 replies

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You paid SoundCloud £10 to get fans? I don't think SoundCloud offer such services especially since buying fake activity is against their terms and conditions and can get you banned. Maybe check your PayPal record and see who the payment went to and contact them.
Ok thank you and i will do that.
Hello i have been to my paypal and seen that it's a IAN BORG I though that it was a Soundcloud worker so I'm sorry for the emails. He has now closed his account so i will no better from now on.
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Badge +1 are the people that call themselves Ramen Records on SoundCloud and spam new accounts and uploads every day. If they do add "fans" to your account they aren't real. They are bots that usually have randomly grabbed images of cats or squirrels or landscapes. They won't be giving you plays etc. and they'll gradually disappear from your account as they slowly get deleted by SoundCloud.