Why isnt my Pro Unlimited plan showing up on my phone

  • 14 July 2017
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@2 days ago I updated from free subscription to Pro Unlimited on my desktop - working fine etc - -
That night I needed to add something to one of my playlists and was using my android - - went into account and it is still showing me as free level subscription - tried updating app and the link it asks and no joy - -- is there an issue there anyone knows about ?
On desktop today (where I am typing this from) it is showing the Pro Unlimited plan in place - but the mobile is still showing free service level.
Any help appreciated - - just dont like inconsistencies.

7 replies

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Hi there,

Hmm, your account shows up as a Pro Unlimited account properly. Hence, I'd recommend to sign out & back it. If this doesn't do the trick, try deleting the app, restart your phone, then download the app again for a fresh start.

Thanks Mathis - tried all that but still on desktop showing the Pro Unlimited subscription but app on Android still showing free level - very strange -
Oh well, its not really a biggy, just annoying - so will just use app for communication etc and desktop for other stuff

Thanks for yourhelp
I have this also. It has been this way for months. Uninstalled, rebooted, etc.... super annoying.
I’m getting the same issue. I’ve tried turning off the phone, signing in and out, deleting and reinstalling, etc. why isn’t it showing it on the app?!
Same problem here!
On an iPhone- has anyone figured out a solution?
Same here, please solve this guys. Thanks for the support.