You froze my account because I canceled my pro membership?

A little tight on money this month, I switched my account from a pro user to standard. When the day came for automatic payments, I received an email stating that my account had fraudulent charges and has been frozen. The URL comes up blank, and I can't even sign in.

Is this how you treat your customers whenever they switch to a basic profile? I don't need a pro membership, I was just trying to support Soundcloud because its my number one source of music and artist discovery for my Youtube channel and I'd hate to see it go. Apparently, Soundcloud hates to see me go as well. So much so that they'll block me from my music library and access to my account of 2+ years. You will not see me returning to the pro membership. I guess I'll finally be giving Apple's streaming service a shot.

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same here wtf
soundcloud treats their users like trash
sorry you got the same problem i did, ive been pretty upset
Same here unfortunately.