• 27 April 2019
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On 2 occasions now i have been copyright striked for using a beat which another rapper used. He did not make the beat nor does he own rights to the beat. My accoun6t is now 1 strike away from being removed and after using soundcloud for so long im really dissapointed. It seems my copyright dispute was never read and rather just rejected. Im one strike away from losing my account and stopping the use of soundcloud. If i get one more incorrect copyright strike my account will be removed so you as a service are really making me want to quit music making 😕 please help. The song I'm getting accused of posting is: for reference. The song i uploaded is a completely different song to the one im getting striked for. Please just listen to both tracks. The beat is the same but was never exclusively leased to 'Prime Candi'. I'm getting striked for a completely different song because I used the same FREE beat. Please fix this I'm one step from losing my account when I didn't violate copyright rules/laws. This: is the free beat in question and here are two other examples of people using this beat but not getting strikes: and . These are all 'fair use' I am not profiting from'Black Mayo's' work which he says himself is okay. I have recieved 2 strikes for things 2 other artists are allowed. Please help fix this. I beg.

2 replies

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Hey there charlie,

Sorry to hear you've been running into troubles with this. From what I can see from my end, though, there have been no strikes issued to your account - maybe it is merely the terminology that is confusing. If the automatic content ID system detects a track because the original copyright owner has submitted it to be fingerprinted, the track merely gets blocked, with no strike on your account. A strike would only be on your account if the rightsholder got in touch with us and asked us to block the content manually.

The copyrights team does not moderate directly on the Help Community. Please reach out to our copyrights teams directly via the contact form on our Help Center if you have further questions around this.