A large increase in spam comments

  • 12 July 2019
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Hello! I was hoping to receive some insight on whether anything is being done about the sudden increase in spam accounts. By "spam accounts", I mean:

  • Accounts that spam like new tracks that associate themselves with fake SoundCloud promotion and "Wasp Records". [Example] , [Example 2]
  • Accounts that spam the comment sections of a large number of tracks on SoundCloud that associate themselves with "" and offers "hit song promotion". [Example]
  • Accounts that spam comment sections with "₆ ⁹ ₃", sometimes multiple times on one track. [Example]
  • Accounts that comment sometimes hundreds of times on one track saying "ATTENTION" or "I NEED ATTENTION", and etc. [Example]
It has been an issue with many users on SoundCloud. I've blocked, reported, and removed the comments of all of these accounts, only to have more accounts come to my accounts again and comment the same thing again. I would just to know if something is being done about this issue, or if there's anything more I can do to prevent these comments.

Thank you!

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