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  • 13 November 2017
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Hello everyone,

If you cannot seem to access your SoundCloud account properly, and none of the troubleshooting advice we provide on our Help Center seem to help, we will likely need to collect personal data from you in order to assist further.

Due to the public nature of our SoundCloud Help Community, we do not do this here on the forums. Rather, please reach out to our Account Access team directly. You can do so via the Contact Form on our Help Center.

Thank you & all the best

18 replies

Can you help me with my SC account? is or @dopeinstruments looks like my account has been completely erased? I think this happened after an update? please help all my music is gone and bad for my business. I really appreciate the help, thanks!
Hi, I'd like soundcloud to delete an account I have in duplicate.
I have forgotten my email and password
Hi you need help
Is there any way to do this? My gf deleted my account, I need it back.
I tried to sign into soundcloud today to see that my account has for, seemingly no reason, simply disappeared? My url is and I have never encountered an issue with soundcloud that would warrant an account removal. I have no emails in my inbox about my account being removed and I would very much appreciate whatever help with this issue I can get. I frequently make music and my account disappearing is very worrisome to me, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Please help! I recently created a new SoundCloud account and wanted to follow everyone who I was originally following on my previous account, but I got a few warnings about "spam" which made me wait a few days before being allowed to follow accounts again. Anyway, I just was on my computer today to try and log in to my new account and it was gone. I tried creating a new account, but it told me the email I was trying to use, which I used for the account that was deleted beforehand, already existed with an account and I can only use one account per email. Why can't I create a new account with the same email even if the previous account was deleted? I don't know if I was kicked off because I followed too many people in a short amount of time, but any help would be greatly appreciated!
I have multiple accounts. Pay for pro. Tried to log in on Windows, (Usually use Iphone,) now I can't access my important account! I have my User Number but don't recall what email/password are associated.
Hi. About 1 to 2 weeks ago i deleted my account named Silentdave2, linked to my facebook with hotmail email address in a depressive state of mind. I had a wave of hopeless and pointlessness at the time and i was not thinking straight. Could i have it reinstate somehow with all followers/following/likes reinstated?
I'm locked out of my account. I can't remember URL or email to get back in. The name of account is called WUNDT 1. can anyone help me please

Richie Wislocky
Hi guys,
Anyone have experience with suddenly loosing access to their soundcloud account? I was commenting on 2 tracks next thing I know my account was logged out and now it "cannot be found". I have not received any notification from soundcloud since it happened almost 2 days ago. I opened a ticket the same day it happened but no response from them yet. I have very important information on the account that I need access to asap.

Anyone have this happen??
my account is
Can someone please help me get back my Soundcloud account:
I was logged into it 2 days ago then I was suddenly logged out and it "cannot be found". I was making comments on mixes when it happened. I have personal information that is critical I get back on this account. Please help me

SC name: ukbounceclass
Hey! Can u help me please? My account was deleted without any reason. I need it back. Please, help me! Support doesn't respond me almost a week. My URL:
I have all information about account. PLEASE
Hi, this is my Sound Cloud page :

I used to have this one: It is still active........I can't log in or work out how to delete it.

I want to use /cillajane rather than my full name. How do I do this?

my account just got suddenly deleted!
i had very important messages on it.

Please help me asap.

my profile link was

but now it says user doesn't exist
I’m having exactly the same problem and I’ve had to use this old account to get on to the help forums, I’ve sent quite a few emails but no reply.
By the way if anyone who can sort it out is checking this forum my profile was
I Change My Account Name and URL Then i Search For My Account From Other Account I didnt see my that My Account is Hide From Search Help Please !