Abuse Report: "REPOST SERVICE" = Blatant Copyright Infringements and Illegal Distribution?

  • 29 August 2018
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I just got a notification about one of my tracks from the SC page linked at the end of this post. My concern is that they will do what they seem to be doing with many other people's work - find a way to post it at their page and turn everything into a free downloads. As with all of us here with original work it is -- our -- prerogative to make tracks free to download or not.

In short, this looks like blatant copyright infringement and essentially Torrent type piracy.
If I'm right, please remove their account a.s.a.p.

Thank you.

3 replies

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If they are reposting tracks they cannot set them to be downloaded. Only the original profile can. The track currently at the top of their page has already has an Artists Union* download link. Ones further down have no download link.

However, if they are asking for money when you submit a track that is against SoundClouds T&C and should get them deleted, but the repost services listed in this thread which have links going directly to PayPal accounts are still active, so I guess SoundCloud are not too bothered.

*Artists Union is a fake activity scam but SoundCloud seem ok with it since they allow Artists Union to have access to SoundCloud users profiles and add followers and likes to them.
Thanks, Bob T. Your reply clarifies some things for me and as to the free download thing I hope you are right.

In terms of the PayPal connection and "service", maybe they have a large enough following to help promote artists, but I still seems a bit fishy and trying go rogue, so to speak.I certainly won't permit them to do diddly squat with my stuff. If they persist or post anything of mine, I'll block them.

I'm not here to make money. I'm an older disabled guy just occasionally posting (mostly) older compositions of mine. My disability actually seriously limits my creative flow. So SC page of few tracks by me is basically just a hobby shelf - lol. My aspirations in my youth were different as were what I used - singer-songwriter-guitarist. None of that is left.
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Hi Philip,

Hmm, reposting is a feature on SoundCloud actually. Please see here for more info:

Hope this helps