accont frozen. why?

  • 30 December 2018
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suddenly i can't access my account. i don't know why. no email to me reason for frozen. and i questioned the surpport team, but the surpport team dosen't answer to me. please help me.
here my soundcloud channal :
I want to know why my account frozen and please help to access my account

3 replies

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A lot of people are having this problem. The fact that soundcloud offers no recourse, no explanation or remedy it's probably because Soundcloud may be going under. Soundcloud is based in Berlin Germany and they have an office in NYC but there is no phone or email available. They are acting like Youtube.

I spoke with a friend at the Bundespolizei in Germany about some of Soundcloud's disturbing financial issues.

Head Office
SoundCloud Ltd
Rheinsberger Str. 76/77
10115 Berlin, Germany
Customer Service
Phone: +49 30 467 247 600 (corporate)

An American CEO: Kerry Trainor has been running Soundcloud Since 2017. His resume is not impressive. He has zero experience in the music industry and he has not lasted long at any of his prior positions. He's an internet guy and a financial guy but I don't think he's a businessman. Most corporate American CEOs are clueless when it comes doing business. He is good at getting money from investors but I don't think he can see the potential of Soundcloud. Hopefully someone with some vision and business skills will duplicate the Soundcloud platform and make some money for its creators.

I contacted Trainor and told him I would explain to him how to fix Soundcloud.
Then what will happen my account?
Can i restore my account?
I'm really want to going to have good news.
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Hello there,

Please see here in case your account becomes "frozen". This can have a number of reasons, one of which is suspicious behavior coming from the account, in which case a frozen account prevents further damage to both, the owner of the account and SoundCloud. It is a security measure.

In 123 Recode1's case, it looks like someone from our copyright team was able to help out already and the account is back in place.